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The Majesta

Available as an option Panel with sandwich insulation, anti-mold, pest-proof and easy to maintain.

Our flagship model. Ideal for spacious gardens. It is designed to accommodate up to 6 hens. Its courtyard is directly under the henhouse which gives it a great look while limiting the space it occupies. It can be paired with an additional courtyard with cathedral ceiling or green roof. The '' green roof '' has a tub that allows you to grow your favorite plants and herbs. This model built entirely of Eastern cedar can be delivered in natural or oiled finish. The natural finish allows you to paint it or let the rain and the sun give it a nice shade of gray. The oiled finish gives extra UV protection to your unit by adding a beautiful honey color. Like all our other models, the Majesta features an easy-clean HDPE * litter drawer, a quick-access double nest, a single entry door that opens easily even in cold weather and optional certified insulation (- 40) **. The assembly is mortise-type mortar with waterproof glue resistant to water and moisture. The dimensions overall are as follows: long. 48 '', prof. 52 '' up. 57 ''. The Majesta is sold fully assembled. Contact us for shipping costs. Note that the dimensions allow you to retrieve it directly from our workshop at no cost. It can be easily transported in a van or trailer 4''x 8 ''.

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