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Growth food 1-2-3

Mold specially formulated to contribute to the growth and health of chicks from their earliest days.

Layered meal

A maximum energy feed for laying hens, formulated with a high intake of vitamins and minerals for optimized egg production and beautiful hard shell.

moulée à poule, poule pondeuse
Biodegradable organic litter

A litter specially chosen for its size and physical properties to minimize odors and to degrade quickly to be transformed into super-compost.

litière a poule,
Feeder 35kg

Feeder built entirely of white cedar that can hold a complete bag of 25 kg of feed. You will have peace of mind for several months and your feed will remain dry. The design of this feeder allows your chicks to peck and whip their food without wasting and scattering the beans on the ground. The assembly is entirely made of mortise tenon. It is specially built to fit your hen house.

4 hours training

Mr. Martin Boisvert is a speaker who specializes in training people who want to know the basics of chicken farming in urban areas. In this training, you will all learn what there is to know about the maintenance of your new laying friends. (this training is only available in french for the moment)

Galvanized welded fence

Build your own henhouse or extra yard with this high-quality fence that will repel the strongest and smallest predators. This fence is the same as we use for the design of all our henhouses. Available in rolls of 25, 50 and 100 feet

Litter shovel 

Small litter scoop made of plastic, lengthens the life of your litter.

Ceramic heating lamp

50 watt heating lamp made of black ceramic that screws into a conventional bulb socket. The hens do not need heating when they are in a henhouse specially built for our winters. However, if your henhouse is not insulated or you feel that your hens require heat input specifically on cold nights, our ceramic lamp is a great solution. It is specially designed to release a gentle heat without emitting light which will not disturb the sleep of your chickens.

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