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Laying hens

ISA Brown

Commonly called Red Hen, our breeding champion is renowned for its great ability to adapt to all environments. She is appreciated for her good character and intelligence. She is very easy to approach and loves the company of humans big and small. Light brown eggs: weight: ± 63 gm

poule rousse, poule pondeuse

Plymouth rock

This splendid layer is often found in trade fairs. Heavier than average, it easily accommodates with other breeds. Docile, she will make everyone happy. Golden yellow eggs: weight: ± 55 gm


Originally from her Chilean cousin, she has the particularity of laying eggs of bluish or greenish color. It is also distinguished by the small size of its crest and its ornamental feathers that adorn each side of his head and give it a warrior look. Less docile than average, she will certainly be the leader of the group. Her fiery temperament makes her spectacular to see. Blue-green colored eggs: weight ± 50 gm


The Sussex hen is a beautiful white-breasted hen with black tips at the ends of the tail and wings. She also wears a pretty necklace. She has the particularity of laying brown eggs. As sweet and docile as the red fowl she has a very good character and gets along well with most other species. She is the largest layered hen we have.

poule pondeuse, poule plymouth
poule pondeuse, poule araucana, oeufs vert, oeufs bleu
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