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Presentation of the company

IMG_20180508_152827.jpg offers you all the expertise and know-how so that you can keep hens in your garden 12 months per year without worries. We design and manufacture hen houses and cedar furniture of high quality, here in Quebec with products from here. Coco-rico urban henhouses offer the simplest and most economical solution to harvest your own fresh eggs daily. You live in the city or the countryside, want 2 or 25 chickens, we are able to guide you in the choice of your chicken coop.

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Your first steps to start well, easily and simply

You do not need any particular experience to own a hen house in your garden. Chickens already existed long before the arrival of humans on earth. Their presence among us is quite natural and desirable. Hens cost almost nothing to feed (they consume 125 to 200 g per day). In Canada, we throw away 560g of organic waste daily *, which is good enough in itself. Laying hens, however, require nutrients in the hen mold to produce good fresh eggs each morning (± 200 per year). Note that leftover tables are a supplement to their molded and not the other way around. The litter recovered during cleaning of the henhouse provides a super fertilizer rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and calcium.

By purchasing one of our models, you have everything in your hands to succeed at first. The ideal location would be mixed (half sun partial shade). Hard surfaces such as concrete and bitumen must be removed. Chickens have a sensitive beak and would be injured quickly. All our poultry houses are designed to be installed in a vast environment game. When you opt for the 4 seasons insulation option, your unit will be perfectly isolated and will guarantee the happiness of your chickens 12 months a year. When autumn comes, you will not regret saying goodbye to your chickens.

When you buy your henhouse, you have two options; fully assembled or in panels. In the latter case, you will receive a useful guide explaining the method of assembly of your henhouse, the choice of its ideal location and all you need to know about chickens. If you doubt your mechanical skills, we can deliver the model of your choice pre-assembled. Always check shipping costs before purchases.

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