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Our food is specially designed to give laying hens all the essentials for their needs. This feed contains a minimum of 16% crude protein which favors regular spawning.
Fat 3.53%
Fiber 3.10%
Sodium 0.15%
Calcium 4.13%
0.5% phosphorus
Vitamin A, D and E
* You must check with us for shipping costs if you can not go directly to our factory.

egg-laying food bag excel-egg

SKU: 1133
  • To keep your hens healthy and produce quality eggs, your hens' feeds must be adapted to their nutritional needs. Remember that the eggs you eat will depend on the quality of the food the chickens eat.

  • Sorry, No return on the food bag. The delivery price may vary depending on your location, check with your local carrier for rates. A bag weighs 25 kg and measures 12 inches in circumference x 30 inches in height. Free delivery with the purchase of a henhouse.

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