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The Terra

poulailler potager, poulailler urbain


This model built entirely of Eastern cedar can be delivered in natural or oiled finish. The natural finish allows you to paint it or let the rain and the sun give it a nice shade of gray. The oiled finish gives extra UV protection to your unit by adding a beautiful honey color. Like all our other models, the Terra has a plastic litter drawer * that is easy to clean, a quick access nest, a single door that opens easily even in cold weather and a certified insulation option ( -40) **. The assembly is mortise-type mortar with waterproof glue resistant to water and moisture. The dimensions overall are as follows: long. 47 '', prof. 47 '', above. 55 '' Your henhouse will be delivered in panels that will be easy to assemble in less than 30 minutes. No special skills are needed to assemble them. We also offer the possibility to assemble your unit on request at no extra charge. You will then have to pay a delivery fee or pick it up directly at our factory. Contact us for more details.

Option cedar roof

Panel with sandwich insulation, anti-mold, pest-proof and easy to maintain.

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